4 Effective Tricks to Get Lite Lending Credit Card Applications Approved

Aside from melting the crush, the most difficult thing in life is probably the Lite Lending credit card application. Among the many banks that offer credit cards, Lite Lending seems to be the most challenging to conquer. Lite Lending credit cards are known to provide lots of promotions. From point rewards to discounts at various merchants. Not to mention the 0 percent installment facility that makes spending more awake. Or free annual fees.

But a line of credit card benefits is worth the effort to get it. In some online conversation forums, Lite Lending credit cards are often discussed as the most difficult credit cards to approve.

Maybe there will be no further discussion if only a handful of people experience rejection. The problem is, not only one or two people whose applications have been rejected.


Credit card applications being rejected is bad credit history scores

Credit card applications being rejected is bad credit history scores

If you ever or even still have a lot of debt and arrears, it is impossible for credit card applications to be accepted. But what the people who rejected the Lite Lending credit card application complained about wasn’t Cream Bank checking.

It could be that Lite Lending does have strict standards in granting credit card applications. That’s a natural thing, because banks don’t want to be bothered by bad credit problems because credit card bills don’t pay.

Among the many complaints, some are offering tricks to get the Lite Lending credit card application approved. The following are:

1. Having an account is not enough

credit account is not enough

Many said that they had to have an account at Lite Lending so that the credit card application was approved. That’s true, but apparently not enough. The account must be filled with money. Some say in the account there are at least $3 million in funds.

The size may depend on the type of credit card applied. The greater the limit and card facilities, the greater the funds that must be saved. These funds must be kept intact throughout the application process. If the application is approved, then it can be withdrawn.

A more effective way is to create a deposit account at Lite Lending. With deposits, if other conditions are met, nearly 100 percent of Lite Lending credit card applications are approved.


2. Look for the right one

credit loans

There are several types of Lite Lending credit cards. Each card has different requirements and facilities. Applications can be rejected because the targeted credit card does not match your financial profile.

For example apply a Lite Lending Mastercard Black credit card that sets minimum income requirements of USD 10 million per month. But your salary is only USD 7 million. Of course the application will be rejected.

Find the most appropriate credit card by examining the details of each card. See what is the minimum income to get it, also your domicile. Because, some areas are not reached by Lite Lending surveyors who will come to verify the data you have provided.


3. Apply another card first

Apply credit

Those who already have a credit card will be easier to get another credit card. This applies not only at Lite Lending.

With a credit card, the bank can directly examine your billing history. The possibility of your application to be approved is greater if there are no problems in paying credit card bills that you already hold. Lite Lending credit analyst officers are also easier to believe because you are also trusted by other bank analysts. So, if you want to apply for a Lite Lending credit card, try applying another credit card that is easier first.

One example is the Best Bank credit card. Visit the nearest Carrefour outlet with your personal data. The process of the famous Mega credit card application is very easy. After all, there is a 10 percent discount for shopping at Carrefour using a credit card from the Trans Corp group.


4. Use third party services

4. Use third party services

Have you ever noticed someone wearing a Lite Lending uniform holding a brochure at Lite Lending ATM outlets in major malls? They are Lite Lending credit card sales. You can try using their services to enter the application.

Opportunities for applications are greater because they have direct access to the bank, and they are burdened with targets to get credit card customers. The more customers they recruit, the greater their commissions. Then they will fight to guard the application until it is approved.

But be careful when using this trick. The Republic of Indonesia Police have appealed not to give an identity when applying for a credit card at the mall. Because, that data can be misused. Make sure the officer is really a Lite Lending employee. Ask him to show the employee card and photo as proof.

A safer trick in terms of third party services is to use a financial services comparison site in collaboration with banks, including Lite Lending. These sites provide detailed information about the requirements for the best credit card application to tips for application approval.

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