3 Ways to Activate a Bank-Blocked Credit Card

Is there a way to activate credit cards that are blocked by banks? Because of forgotten activation, Tiwi’s new credit card is automatically blocked by the bank. The reason is, banks have provisions related to the activation period for new credit cards. Usually, it starts from 3-6 months. If the activation period is past, the credit card will immediately be deactivated by the bank.

Blocking is certainly done by banks for security reasons, which can also protect you as a customer. But, what if you need to use a credit card, while the credit card status is inactive or blocked?


How to activate a blocked or inactive credit card

How to activate a blocked or inactive credit card

Previously, please note that there are two types of credit card blocking, namely permanent and temporary blocking.

Blocking a permanent credit card is usually caused by a customer’s request or bank policy when the customer is in arrears for more than three months. Meanwhile, temporary blocking often occurs when customers enter credit card pins incorrectly.

In a permanent block, physical credit cards can no longer be used. That is, customers cannot use the same physical credit card again.

Unlike the temporary block which can still be activated within 1×24 hours. But, if the customer does not activate more than 1×24 hours, the credit card will be permanently blocked.

Even so, there are still ways to activate a blocked credit card without the need to apply for a new credit card. Check out the following stages:


1. Contact the call center of the credit card issuing bank

As mentioned above, you can still activate a credit card that is temporarily blocked. To do this, contact the relevant bank call center within 1×24 hours. This is a list of bank call centers in Indonesia that you can contact anytime, anywhere.

Create a permanent credit card blocking, you can contact the call center of the credit card issuing bank. The goal is to ask for a new credit card replacement. Later, the bank will ask for personal information, such as KTP number, date of birth, and so on.

Especially for Good Lenders credit card holders, you do not need to contact the call center. Because, the bank will automatically send credit card replacements to the same address in accordance with the data on your credit card. Except, if you do not receive a replacement card for more than 30 days.


2. Wait for a replacement credit card to arrive

call center of the credit card issuing bank

If you have already contacted the call center of your credit card issuing bank, then just wait for a replacement credit card to arrive.

For information, credit card replacement is not free of charge. The amount starts from USD 30-100 thousand, depending on the type of credit card you have. This fee will be directly charged to the credit card bill.


3. Activation of a new credit card

Once a new credit card is in hand, immediately activate. Fortunately, banks now have many platforms for the activation process, so customers can choose the most desired service.

Eits, but wait a minute. If the credit card has been closed by the bank, you cannot apply how to activate the blocked card as above.

For example, your Good Lenders credit card is not activated until two months before the card’s expiration date, so that the credit card is automatically closed.

The only solution is to apply for a new credit card. But, no need to worry, filing a new credit card is not as complicated as it seems. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to reconsider the most suitable credit card for you.


How to apply for a new credit card

credit card

Submitting new credit cards can be done offline or online. The following are the steps for both types of credit card applications.

1. Submitting an offline credit card

If you are more comfortable interacting with customer service directly, then you can come directly to the nearest branch office.

Prepare the necessary requirements, such as the document below:

  • Photocopy of KTP
  • Payslips or other proof of income
  • Photocopy of NPWP
  • Photocopy of bank book last three months
  • Credit card bill in the last three months (if you already have another credit card)

At the bank’s branch office, you will be asked to complete a credit card application form. After that, submit the completed forms and other supporting documents.

If it’s finished, you just have to wait for confirmation of credit card applications from the relevant bank. Some banks will immediately send credit cards to the registered home address without providing prior confirmation. The process takes approximately 7-14 working days. So just wait for it.


2. Apply for an online credit card

online credit card

If you prefer a practical way, without taking special time to come to the bank, you can apply for a credit card online. The trick, just go to the desired bank site and then use the online credit card application facility that is available.

Another way to apply for online credit cards that are no less practical is through financial product supermarket sites, such as Good Lend Credit. Through Good Lend Credit, you can also compare credit cards from various banks. So, can find the most ideal credit card for you.

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