Payday Loans

Payday loan with Social Welfare

It is not easy for Social Welfare recipients to cope with the little money that is available to them. Many think about a Social Welfare payday loan in order to be able to make important purchases. It seems almost hopeless to get a Social Welfare payday loan, but it’s not impossible.

Payday loan is a good alternative for Social Welfare recipients

Personal loan is a good alternative for Social Welfare recipients

At large banks, many Social Welfare recipients flash off when it comes to granting a loan. This is because there is no collateral and almost all cases require a good income. With a Social Welfare payday loan, Credit Bureau information is dispensed with. The amount is often up to 10,000 USD that can be included. Interest rates are usually higher than for other loans, but the chance of a positive credit decision is higher.

What should you look for in a payday loan?

What should you look for in a personal loan?

A comparison should always be made when selecting the bank or intermediary. So there is no risk of not having to pay too much. The comparisons are free and non-binding, so that several offers should be obtained. With private brokers, there is less interest because the personnel costs are lower.

As with all other loans, the borrower must pay a monthly installment in order to be able to redeem the loan. This is how the conditions should be compared, because not every loan that seems cheap is so. There are often hidden costs that borrowers face that should be avoided.

Tips for loans for the unemployed

Tips for loans for the unemployed

Borrowers who want to get a Social Welfare payday loan should secure themselves in advance if the loan payments cannot be met. Not only does the borrower protect himself, his family is also protected. In order to get a loan even better, a guarantor can also be provided.

This creates collateral that a bank demands and a loan can also be applied for from the house bank. Any loan taken out must be reported to the agency. It is not uncommon for these extraordinary payments to count towards unemployment benefit II. This often happens when it is not a necessity.

Payday Loans

Comparison of payday loans in Belgium

Did you know that not all payday loans in Belgium have the same value? After all, the rates and conditions for the grant and repayment may differ per bank or credit institution. That is why it is important to find the best conditions for your credit in order to obtain the best rate for your consumer credit. Fortunately to help you, to follow up on the best rates such as a sioux, our Fine Bank website offers you a comparison of the different payday loans available in Belgium. To help you choose your payday loan, we answer the most frequently asked questions below. see for more notes

What is a payday loan?


A payday loan is a form of consumer credit, also known as a no-proof credit or an installment loan.

This is an unlimited type of credit, which means that it is not dedicated to a specific use and that you can freely use the borrowed money for both the purchase of a good and a service. This credit without proof does not require a personal contribution or proof of purchase, but to obtain it you must of course have a valid credit file with proof of income, proof of identity,…

The repayment of the credit takes place over a predetermined number of monthly installments. As with all loans, you must pay interest in addition to repaying the loan amount. The amount of this interest (APR) is determined by the credit institution based on the amount and the term of the credit. Since not all banks and organizations offer the same APR, it is important to carefully compare offers to repay as little interest as possible.

In short, the payday loan is a credit that you can use as you wish and for the purchases you wish. As with any credit, you must repay the loan amount plus interest.

Payday loan, what are the benefits?


The payday loan in Belgium has only one advantage, but not the least, since its use does not need to be justified. This allows you to use the borrowed money at your discretion without having to justify anything.

The only condition to take advantage of this benefit is that you have to repay your loan when it is due, under the conditions established when the contract was signed.

However, a payday loan without proof means “without proof of use” and not without proof of income. For this consumer credit, as with any other credit, you must always prove your creditworthiness to reassure the bank about your repayment capacity.


While personal credit is the best solution for a person who wants to borrow money without having to justify using it, it is not the cheapest of them all. Therefore, if you intend to use your credit for a specific use that you can justify (buying a car, work, buying a house, etc.), we recommend that you use an allocated credit, such as a car loan, a mortgage loan or a work loan.

How much can I borrow for a payday loan?


The amount you can borrow varies depending on the organization where you will take out your financing, the minimum and maximum amounts that you can borrow can be freely determined by the lending organizations, but generally vary between 1000 and 75000 dollars.

Depending on the amount you want to borrow, you have to compare the payday loans of the different organizations to see if they allow you to.

However, the criterion that has the biggest influence on the amount you can borrow is your financial situation. Indeed, depending on your income and your outstanding debts, banks and other organizations will give you a maximum loan amount they deem consistent to avoid getting into a delicate financial situation and avoiding excessive debt. Since every file is different, no comparative personal credit can predetermine the maximum amount a bank will grant you, so you should apply for a credit and see if it is accepted or not.

Although the calculation of the maximum amount that you can borrow differs from bank to bank, the calculation of the maximum amount is generally as follows:

By subtracting the monthly payment (s) from your earnings from your outstanding debts and support payments, the bank determines how much money you have left. On the basis of this amount, it determines whether you can still live decently, ie live in a house, eat, etc. by adding a repayable credit. In general, the banks estimate that you should have about 900 dollars left when you have deducted your debts from your income. This amount of 900 dollars is called “reste à vivre”. If by adding an extra credit your residual income falls below 900 dollars, there is a good chance that your payday loan will be refused.

How much does a payday loan cost?


You probably know the saying, “Borrowing money also costs money.” You will understand that even though it can be very helpful, a payday loan costs money. It is generally the interest on the credit, even if in some cases the lending organization applies an application fee that you should consider when comparing the best payday loans. The cost of a loan is expressed by the total effective interest rate (APR), which includes the borrowing rate and administrative costs. The APR thus makes it possible to compare credits accurately and objectively.

The interest on a payday loan is fixed when the loan is signed and cannot be changed later, so it is a fixed interest over the entire term of the loan. During the simulation of a payday loan and thus before signing the contract, you know the total costs of your loan.

Good to know:

The APR varies widely from bank to bank, depending on the amount borrowed and the repayment term. That is why it is important to make a good comparative payday loan to find the best rate for your credit and make sure it costs you as little money as possible.

Who can ask for it?

Can I apply for a payday loan as an unemployed person?


We will not lie to each other, get credit while the unemployed are often part of the warrior’s path, but it is not that it is an impossible mission. This again depends on your situation.

  • Have you recently lost your job?
  • How much do you earn per month?
  • Do you own your home?
  • Do you have a guarantor?

These are some of the questions that the bank can ask you to check whether your file is admissible to receive a payday loan for the unemployed. You need to understand that in order to grant you a payday loan, a bank needs to check whether you can repay it and review the color of the money it lent you, so it will pay more attention to the file unemployed, as he represents a risk profile for the lender.

Can I request a payday loan by being in the file?


Getting credit by being “forbidden to bank” is a very complex matter. Indeed, when you are registered with the Belgian national bank, it is very rare to get a loan. Before granting you funding, an organization checks whether you are on the file, because even though there is no law prohibiting you from providing a payday loan to a person in the file, it is still considered a risk profile. The ideal is, of course, to leave the file before applying for another loan, but if you have no other solution, we recommend submitting different applications to different companies to maximize your chances of a loan.


Education is expensive and if you don’t have an income it is quite difficult to claim a credit to fund these studies because you have to have enough to pay it back. If you want to borrow money to finance your studies, you have 2 solutions, you must either work and have pay slips to present to the bank or have a person who

can i apply for a personal credit if i am over 60 years old?

It used to be difficult to borrow after the age of 60, as life expectancy rises, organizations adapt and are much less likely to take out payday loans for seniors. However, you will need to provide sufficient guarantees to enable the organization to lend you money.

What is credit without proof between individuals?

Credit between individuals, or credit without a bank, has become increasingly common lately. This form of financing was born from the outburst of a shared economy based on exchanges between individuals. This collaborative financing is moving away from the banking system methods that we have always known and making way for a simplified, more accessible and faster financing method, some of which cannot be justified.

Unlike the loan granted, credit without a receipt between private individuals is a payday loan. It is not necessary to justify the destination of the credit obtained. Whatever project you want to finance, be it a car purchase, home renovation, travel financing, etc., you can call on a private lender who will inform you in advance about the amount he can give you on credit, in exchange, of course, for interest. For this type of credit, the borrower obtains money quickly and uses it discreetly, with full respect for his or her privacy.

The operation of the loan without proof between individuals is simple. The borrower goes to the lender’s online platform and performs a loan simulation and then signs up. All he has to do is provide a well-composed credit report. In general, private investors are responsible for financing loans between private individuals. The interest rate is highly variable, depending on the amount released and the repayment period.

Until now, Belgian law does not regulate credit between private individuals. However, a credit without a receipt should not be confused with a credit without a receipt. The financier has the right to systematically request his pay slips or a tax assessment from the borrower to ensure his solvency.

What to do if a payday loan is refused?


You wish to finance personal projects (purchase of a car, renovation of the kitchen, wedding in sight, …), you have approached a financial institution, but you have been refused? It is not without a solution.

The first thing to do is understand the reason (s) for rejecting your request so that you can bounce back and put all the chances at your side when the new request is made. It should be noted that credit institutions each have their own policy of whether or not to grant personal credit. Fortunately, the personal credit does not depend on proof of a loan. On the other hand, organizations analyze certain factors to assess your repayment ability. For example, there is your age, your age, your indictment, your marital status, your lifestyle, your source of income and stability, your financial history, etc. If they believe that one of the criteria may compromise your creditworthiness, the loan is automatically refused.

Once you are notified of the refusal, ask for the reasons. Maybe you are blacklisted? Is the amount requested too high compared to your income? Are you not of the required age 25 years and older? Are you in the public eye too often? Depending on the response from the financial institution, you can correct your shortcomings.

You can repeat your subscription to a payday loan by asking to check your application. To do this, you can contact the manager in charge of your file and add new supporting documents that will solve your initial problems. You can back it up with guarantees or securities that maximize your chances. If the amount is too high, reduce it.

Afterwards it is also possible to appeal to another financial institution or why not a payday loan between private individuals? But before starting a new application, it is advisable to perform a comparative analysis of the different credit institutions to ensure a validation of your loan.

How do i get a quick payday loan?


To bring your projects to life, a payday loan is the best solution if you have cash flow problems. Need it quickly? You have to have the right gestures and apply the right tricks.

To avoid wasting time one by one analyzing banks, you can enlist the help of an online personal credit comparator. It will be responsible for comparing all offers that credit institutions have to offer. The advantage is that you save time and that no information is left to chance. In a few clicks you have a selection of all your options. The site compares the taeg, the application fee, the duration of the refund, the amount of the refund or compensation in the event of early repayment, etc.

Have you found the financial institution that suits you? Do not rush to submit your request immediately. You may be refused due to negligence or inability to pay. Conduct a payday loan simulation online, it is easier to calculate the total amount of the loan, the monthly repayable payments, as well as the term. Moreover, you are not doing anything by running the simulation.

Finally, all you have to do is submit a specific financing application. Consult the website of the lending organization for an overview of the parts to be provided, but also to closely follow the various specific features of the offer.

Do i have to take out insurance?

By accepting a loan application, a credit institution always takes the risk of having to deal with the bankruptcy of the borrower. To insure his back, he systematically offers the borrower to insure himself. Is that a good idea or not?

In short, credit insurance guarantees the assumption of responsibility for the repayment terms of a loan. This is because accidents or events that endanger the repayment of the loan, such as death, unemployment or temporary incapacity, may occur. The borrower insurance protects you in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Legally, it is not mandatory to take out insurance when applying for a payday loan. On the other hand, since it is a guarantee for the credit institution, you may think that the refusal to take out insurance may be a reason not to grant the loan, because it is a guarantee for the credit institution when it requires it.

The credit insurance also protects you and your family. She takes care of the monthly payment and covers you daily in case of a change in your personal situation. There are different types of payday loan insurance:

  • Life insurance covers everything when you die. This prevents your loved ones from getting into debt.
  • The disability insurance covers you in the event of an accident or illness resulting in temporary or permanent disability.
  • Health insurance helps you to honor your payday loan if you are on sick leave.
  • Disability insurance allows you to pay the monthly credit payments if you turn out to be unemployed.

Why use our comparative payday loan?

Do you want to travel, buy a new car or do some home improvement work? Thanks to Fine Bank you will quickly discover the payday loan that meets all your needs to carry out the projects that are close to your heart.

Save time and money, in a few clicks you have all payday loan offers, and this for free. We compare all offers from credit institutions and the amount that a personal credit can cost you. A few minutes are enough to guide you around the loan facilities, without moving from your seat and saving you valuable time. By using our payday loan comparison you save extra money because we find you personalized offers that take into account your profile, but also your interests.

Easy and fast, we use a credit comparator that performs well in both selections and counts. Fine Bank is your best ally for taking out a payday loan. We provide you with more than ten financial institutions in Belgium with which we work closely together. All you have to do is do a credit simulation and check your repayment capacity before you even make a commitment.

Can I borrow without contribution?

The real estate market is now favorable for the acquisition of a property. Indeed, the fall in prices that began in 2011 is still continuing in 2015. Historically low rates are all good conditions for investing in real estate.

If one can buy without contribution, it remains, nevertheless, one of the determining elements to profit from the best rates.

What is a personal contribution?

What is a personal contribution?

The personal contribution is the part of available money which you have and which you will use for your real estate project.

It comes from your savings (personal savings, employee savings, inheritance received, donation) but can also come from the sale of a previous property. In general, the banks request a contribution of 10% of the total amount of the project. This contribution is used to cover the various costs such as the fees of notaries, agency, guarantee, file.

It represents for banking organizations a good indicator of your ability to manage your budget and therefore to repay your mortgage.

How to build a personal contribution?

How to build a personal contribution?

Building up regular savings makes it possible to limit any jump in charges between your current rent and the new monthly payment.

Different solutions allow you to increase your personal contribution:

  • Regular personal savings on more specific passbooks or accounts. These allow, under certain conditions, to obtain a state premium and attractive rates.
  • Employee savings which, by paying regular or punctual savings (profit-sharing, profit-sharing, etc.), benefit from a contribution from the company.
  • A family donation

Can we borrow without contribution?

Can we borrow without contribution?Can we borrow without contribution?

If most banks require a contribution, some banks finance the entire project and fees: this is called 110% financing.

Some banks may consider complementary loans, the employer’s 1% as a contribution. Without intake does not mean disadvantageous conditions either.

In fact, depending on your resources, you can benefit from a loan at an attractive rate, giving you the possibility of benefiting.

Other banks, if you are considered to be a first-time buyer, offer you first-time buyer benefits: reduction in application fees, part of financing at a preferential rate, etc.

With or without contribution, it’s time to build your heritage in good conditions.

Loans for private individuals – from small loans to real estate financing

From small loans to real estate financing

From small loans to real estate financing

When private individuals take out loans, this can have a variety of reasons and the requirements for the form of loan are correspondingly different. There are different amounts of credit and the way of payment and repayment differs; both can happen in one fell swoop or at pre-determined rates.

Dedicated loans

Dedicated loans

Some may just want to finance a new kitchen appliance or a vacation, which is easily possible with a small loan . Others have bigger plans and want to build an entire house, for which they need a real estate loan. Ideally, a home savings contract already exists.

This is earmarked financing , similar to a car loan. The borrower pays off a specified type of property, while with a classic purchase and installment loan, he has complete freedom of choice as to what happens to the money made available. From a substantive point of view, he has complete power.

Auto loans can also look different. Balloon financing and three-way financing differ from the usual installment payments. Car dealers also often make their own financing offers, the advantages and disadvantages of which should be weighed up. Couple in the car dealership.

Variable payout

Variable payout

There are also loans that are used over a longer period of time in certain life situations. A classic example of this is the education loan. Educational loans are granted by various financial institutions as well as the state Copy Lender Bank for study and other training situations. The payment is not made in one go, but monthly. The interest rate is relatively low.

On the other hand, if you need a full loan amount as quickly as possible, you can apply for an instant loan . Most of these are online offers from direct banks. The disadvantage is that extensive advice from the bank is not required, which is usually part of the lending process.

Calculate and compare credit

Calculate and compare credit

In cooperation with our partner Good Lender, we offer you the opportunity to first calculate your monthly rate based on your desired loan amount and term. You can then submit a serious loan request and also apply for the loan directly.

How to Apply for a Credit Card Cash, Terms and Risks

Credit card cash is a facility provided to credit cardholders to borrow a sum of money sent to a savings account. These loan funds come from credit card limits. Generally, banks set a maximum of funds that can be disbursed as cash is 50 percent of the remaining limit.

Because, the submission process generally only requires credit card information, such as credit card numbers and names according to the card, it does not require a lot of documents.

The cash disbursement process was quite fast, which ranged from 1-2x 24 hours after the application was approved. The higher the credit limit, the greater the cash loan that can be used. Meanwhile, loan tenors start from 3-36 months.

How to withdraw a credit card limit into funds or cash loans

How to withdraw a credit card limit into funds or cash loans

Cash is often also referred to as a loan on phone. Because this facility is usually offered by banks by telephone to selected customers. Those who rarely use credit cards or passive credit card users will usually get this offer more often.

Even so, don’t worry if you never get this offer. You see, you can still apply for a loan or withdraw a credit card limit. Here’s how to withdraw a credit card limit at several well-known banks in Indonesia.

Conditions for applying for a credit card cash withdrawal fund

First, of course, you must have a credit card with a cash withdrawal facility. Next, you must have a savings account at the same bank as a credit card account. Therefore, loan funds will be transferred to the account.

Even if the cash withdrawal application does not require a number of required documents, it does not mean that the bank will immediately approve your request.

The bank will still see the credit history of the credit card owner. If you are often in arrears to pay installments or even get blacklisted, this credit card loan application is definitely rejected.

Finally, the credit card you have must be a person, not a corporate credit card.

Interest and loan costs for credit card cash withdrawals

Interest and loan costs for credit card cash withdrawals

To enjoy credit card cash, you must pay interest fees and service fees. The fee varies depending on the type of credit card and tenor and the loan limit proposed.

In general, credit card cash withdrawal funds range from 0.99-1.5 percent flat per month. Using a flat interest system is actually less profitable for customers. Therefore, the large interest will remain until the end of the installments even though the loan principal has been reduced.

Meanwhile, if you use an effective interest system, the interest on cash withdrawal loans is equivalent to 20-27 percent per year. In this scheme, interest will decrease as the remaining loan is reduced.

In addition to interest, customers will also be charged administrative fees or service fees. The amount depends on the loan limit, ranging from USD 150-300 thousand or up to 1 percent of the loan amount.

How to pay a credit card cash withdrawal loan


Cash withdrawal bills will be included in credit card bills in installments. That way, customers will pay credit card installments and loan installments. So, how to pay credit card loans is the same as paying credit card bills in general.

But remember, if the loan is paid off early or before the installment period ends, you will be charged the remaining installment interest and penalty fees, starting from USD 100-300 thousand.


Indeed, it’s okay to take advantage of the credit card cash feature. Especially if there is an urgent need when not having adequate funds. But, making credit card loan facilities as a reserve fund is certainly not good for financial conditions.

But if there is no other choice but to use this loan feature, make sure you already have a plan for using funds and installment payments. So, don’t worry when the bills come.

Subsidized loans: for easier home ownership

Being first-time buyers with modest incomes, it is completely normal that your personal contribution is limited within the framework of a loan.

Likewise, if you aspire to become a homeowner two years after the sale of your previous home. Receiving subsidized loans can unlock a homeownership project.

Assisted borrowers ready to become homeowners

Assisted borrowers ready to become homeowners

In its study “social access to property” of October 2015, Good Credit indicates with regard to first-time buyers that “the role of subsidized loans is particularly important for these households insofar as these financings allow them to jump the step of accession ”.

The number of loans granted has only increased since the start of the year. And the subsidized loans have something to do with it: the current policy of the banks is in favor of first-time buyers.

Subsidized loans adapted to each situation


Whatever your socio-professional condition, a subsidized loan can potentially be granted to you. Among them are:

  • Social accession loan (PAS) : approved by the State, it allows modest incomes to finance the purchase or construction of new housing (including land), the purchase of old housing or work to improve housing or save energy (at a minimum cost of USD 4,000). It can allow total funding, so it is not always necessary to have a personal contribution.

  • the zero-rate loan (GFI): it is intended for first-time buyers, is subject to means conditions and is variable depending on the area where the operation takes place. The accommodation purchased must be new except for a few exceptions. Note that the government expanded the criteria for obtaining GFI since 1 January 2016. The funding is partial and often needs to be complemented by other real estate loans and or personal contributions.
  • civil servant loans : some banks have agreements with public service mutuals. Their customers, if they are civil servants and members of one of these mutuals, can benefit from cheaper loan insurance and a guarantee provided by the mutual in question. This avoids the mortgage (more expensive). The borrowing conditions remain the same: the loan rate, the amount and the duration of repayment do not change, whether one is a civil servant or not.
  • the 1% employer loan: it is offered for employees or retirees of less than 5 years in a company with more than 10 people, and more specifically for first-time buyers and professionals on the move. It can help finance the acquisition of land or old housing without work, the construction of housing or rehabilitation, development or enlargement works. As with the GFI, the 1% employer loan is not your main loan and needs to be accompanied by other funds.

Also note that the GFI (Housing Savings Plan) and the GC (Housing Savings Account) serve the same purpose as assisted loans: to promote homeownership.

They allow this by building up savings which will then be used to borrow. This allows to have a larger personal contribution at the time of signing the loan.

The Difference between Credit and Debit Cards You Need to Know

The difference between credit and debit cards is quite clear in many ways. One of them is the difference according to its features. Because of different features, the purpose of use is different.

Unfortunately, there are still those who do not know the difference between the two transaction cards. As a result, that person cannot maximize the benefits of their credit and debit cards.

As a transaction tool, credit and debit cards have the same function, namely to make payments in non-cash. Instead of the hassle of carrying cash everywhere, it’s simpler to just pocket a credit or debit card in your wallet.

Transaction validation is also similar, using a personal identification number (PIN). Indeed, there are still those who use signatures. But this mechanism is not recommended because it is prone to be abused.

But there are more differences between credit and debit cards than the similarities. The following are:


Credit card

  • Credit cards are cards that can be used to pay for transactions by credit. Later, the bill for the transaction comes in a certain period and must be paid.
  • No account is required at the card issuing bank, because the source of funds is not taken from the account. But usually credit card applications are more likely to be granted if they have savings at a related bank.
  • Banks set a number of special conditions for issuing credit cards. Cream Bank can issue various types of credit cards. The requirements for each type are different.
  • Although there are no sources of funds, there are credit card limit provisions as limits for their use. If the limit has been reached, the card cannot be used for transactions, or can be used but there are overlimit fees.
  • Credit card owners must pay an annual fee. Usually contributions are free for the first year. But there are also credit cards that are free of annual fees forever.
  • Credit cards can be used to pay for online transactions using the three digit number code on the back of the card. There are no internet banking or mobile banking features for online transactions.
  • Withdraw cash using a credit card at an ATM machine, but there are additional fees. These fees vary depending on the card issuing bank.
  • There is interest to be paid if you don’t pay your bills on time or use them to pay in installments.
  • There are benefits in the form of installments with 0 percent interest, points that can be exchanged with prizes, up to cashback on each transaction
  • Can be used to transact abroad in accordance with the card network


Debit Card

Debit Card

  • Debit cards are cards issued by banks as a complement to savings accounts. Each savings is generally accompanied by a debit card for the transaction.
  • The source of debit card funds is the savings account associated with the card.
  • Debit card issuance requirements only have savings in the relevant bank.
  • Limit transactions using a debit card is the nominal funds in savings. If the funds run out, the card can no longer be used.
  • There is no annual fee, but there are administrative costs that are charged every month for the ownership of savings.
  • There are several debit cards that can be used to shop online like a credit card. But most still can’t.
  • General benefits are only in the form of discounts on transactions using a debit card


Credit Card vs. Debit Card

Credit Card vs.  Debit Card

Seeing the difference between credit and debit cards above, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of each. Different features are determinants of these advantages and disadvantages.

In general, the advantage of credit cards is that they can be used for transactions easily, especially for online shopping. In addition, profits on transactions, from 0 percent installments to cashback, can be used for budget planning.

But the drawback is that it is prone to be abused by irresponsible users. Abuse, for example, originating from transactions without thinking about bills or negligent bills, can lead to accumulated debt.

While the advantage of debit cards is that their use is safer from debt risk because the source of funds is a savings account. In addition, there are no various fees or fees that can be a burden. The shortage of a debit card is that the transactions are more limited in accordance with the savings balance.


Speaking of card security, the two are not too different

credit  security, the two are not too different

There is a threat of skimming to fraud. Potential losses depend on savings balances and credit card limits. The more balances and limits, the greater the loss can be.

From there it can be concluded that the most important difference between credit and debit cards is their intended use. Credit cards can be used for more things and demand higher responsibilities to pay bills.

While the use of debit cards is more limited. But there are no demands or burdens to pay bills later on because the transaction is completed right then and there.

The good, that’s why credit and debit cards can be owned simultaneously. Depending on the situation and conditions, you can use a credit or debit card for different purposes.

Apply for your real estate loan – who will support you in buying your home with a loan

Buying a property is associated with high costs. Equity is just as helpful here as a good Credit Bureau score. However, the Credit Bureau score can change quickly. Even little things are enough here. Whether a real estate loan is then possible despite Credit Bureau depends on the lender. With the right financing partner, there is an option. As a credit broker, Infra Bank offers you a good point of contact when looking for a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau.

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

Real estate loan despite Credit Bureau with Infra Bank

Real estate loan despite Credit Bureau with Infra Bank

Have you found a suitable property or a plot of land on which you want to build? A real estate loan is often the basis for being able to acquire property. However, a home loan is not always quickly and easily made available to you as a borrower. Maybe you don’t have a home savings contract as security. The remaining debt may still be outstanding from an old instant loan. Or you need follow-up financing, but were unable to service some installments – these are the points that a lender can see in Credit Bureau, but a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau can solve your problems. However, not every lender makes this available.

With Infra Bank you can apply for a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau and let us provide you with various offers. For you, this has the advantage that a comparison is possible and the best solution can be found. We would also be happy to provide you with direct advice on the offers.

So you benefit from a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

So you benefit from a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau from Infra Bank

Infra Bank can help you find a home loan without Credit Bureau. As a credit broker, we have been active on the market for a long time and have built up a very extensive network of financing partners in this context. Finding a good real estate loan is always a challenge. But what if your Credit Bureau score is not optimal? Small problems are often enough to get an entry in the Credit Bureau.

There may have been a time when you overdrawn your checking account. Maybe you also have a remaining debt from a credit facility. Unpaid contracts are also common. If you now think that a home loan is not possible despite Credit Bureau, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

With Infra Bank you have a reliable credit broker at your side. In most cases, we will find a suitable partner for you as a borrower, who will support you in buying your home with a loan. How the loan amount for the house financing is composed is entirely individual.

Infra Bank focuses on particularly fast processing. It is important to us that you can access your money here within a very short period of time – even if you are aiming for building finance without Credit Bureau.

When is the real estate loan paid out without Credit Bureau?

When is the real estate loan paid out without Credit Bureau?

Sometimes it has to be fast. Perhaps the perfect property is currently for sale and you want to access it. You may also need the right loan for rescheduling or follow-up financing. Sometimes it also has to be quick here. That is why we at Infra Bank work with short distances. You can easily submit your application online. After we have checked it, we will forward it directly. If something is still missing, we will let you know.

Check the offers that are received for your real estate loan despite Credit Bureau and see which variant is optimal for you. The legitimation is then carried out. What used to be done via PostIdent is now also possible quickly and easily with VideoIdent with Infra Bank. Just have a device with a camera and an ID ready. After the legitimation has been carried out, everything is almost done. Your building loan will then simply be transferred to your account.

What exactly does the real estate loan without Credit Bureau mean?

What exactly does the real estate loan without Credit Bureau mean?

Credit Bureau is still an important contact point for lenders. Here banks get insight into your solvency and possible payment defaults from the past. This doesn’t just apply to loans. Other contracts, such as a cell phone contract, are also noted in the Credit Bureau. The Credit Bureau score is strongly influenced by your reliability in payment. If there is or was a personal bankruptcy, this can also be seen here. In these cases, it is difficult to get a home loan or get a home purchase loan.

Infra Bank is one of the largest German credit intermediaries. We have an extensive network of financing partners and can help you get a real estate loan despite Credit Bureau. This does not mean that no queries will be asked for your installment loan. But even if your score is not optimal, lending can still take place.

Some of our partner banks support your construction project or buying a house without Credit Bureau, so we at Infra Bank can offer you a solution and help you to implement your loan request at fair interest.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about real estate loans despite Credit Bureau or a modernization loan for your home.

What kind of offers do I get?

What kind of offers do I get?

You only get offers from us that are actually made available to you. It is possible that the information on the rate fixation and the interest rate from the loan calculator was a little different. This then has to do with the fact that it is now a real estate loan without Credit Bureau. Here, the borrowing rate or the amount of the interest can vary. All offers are based on the pricing regulation. This contains the requirements that you have to be informed about all costs.

Therefore, in the offers you will find the loan amount for your loan contract, possible preliminary costs, effective annual interest and other processing costs. Here is also noted how it looks with the remaining debt, special repayments and prepayment penalties.

Infra Bank will also be happy to help you choose your loan contract and help you find out which offer is really suitable for you as a borrower as a real estate loan.

4 Effective Tricks to Get Lite Lending Credit Card Applications Approved

Aside from melting the crush, the most difficult thing in life is probably the Lite Lending credit card application. Among the many banks that offer credit cards, Lite Lending seems to be the most challenging to conquer. Lite Lending credit cards are known to provide lots of promotions. From point rewards to discounts at various merchants. Not to mention the 0 percent installment facility that makes spending more awake. Or free annual fees.

But a line of credit card benefits is worth the effort to get it. In some online conversation forums, Lite Lending credit cards are often discussed as the most difficult credit cards to approve.

Maybe there will be no further discussion if only a handful of people experience rejection. The problem is, not only one or two people whose applications have been rejected.


Credit card applications being rejected is bad credit history scores

Credit card applications being rejected is bad credit history scores

If you ever or even still have a lot of debt and arrears, it is impossible for credit card applications to be accepted. But what the people who rejected the Lite Lending credit card application complained about wasn’t Cream Bank checking.

It could be that Lite Lending does have strict standards in granting credit card applications. That’s a natural thing, because banks don’t want to be bothered by bad credit problems because credit card bills don’t pay.

Among the many complaints, some are offering tricks to get the Lite Lending credit card application approved. The following are:

1. Having an account is not enough

credit account is not enough

Many said that they had to have an account at Lite Lending so that the credit card application was approved. That’s true, but apparently not enough. The account must be filled with money. Some say in the account there are at least $3 million in funds.

The size may depend on the type of credit card applied. The greater the limit and card facilities, the greater the funds that must be saved. These funds must be kept intact throughout the application process. If the application is approved, then it can be withdrawn.

A more effective way is to create a deposit account at Lite Lending. With deposits, if other conditions are met, nearly 100 percent of Lite Lending credit card applications are approved.


2. Look for the right one

credit loans

There are several types of Lite Lending credit cards. Each card has different requirements and facilities. Applications can be rejected because the targeted credit card does not match your financial profile.

For example apply a Lite Lending Mastercard Black credit card that sets minimum income requirements of USD 10 million per month. But your salary is only USD 7 million. Of course the application will be rejected.

Find the most appropriate credit card by examining the details of each card. See what is the minimum income to get it, also your domicile. Because, some areas are not reached by Lite Lending surveyors who will come to verify the data you have provided.


3. Apply another card first

Apply credit

Those who already have a credit card will be easier to get another credit card. This applies not only at Lite Lending.

With a credit card, the bank can directly examine your billing history. The possibility of your application to be approved is greater if there are no problems in paying credit card bills that you already hold. Lite Lending credit analyst officers are also easier to believe because you are also trusted by other bank analysts. So, if you want to apply for a Lite Lending credit card, try applying another credit card that is easier first.

One example is the Best Bank credit card. Visit the nearest Carrefour outlet with your personal data. The process of the famous Mega credit card application is very easy. After all, there is a 10 percent discount for shopping at Carrefour using a credit card from the Trans Corp group.


4. Use third party services

4. Use third party services

Have you ever noticed someone wearing a Lite Lending uniform holding a brochure at Lite Lending ATM outlets in major malls? They are Lite Lending credit card sales. You can try using their services to enter the application.

Opportunities for applications are greater because they have direct access to the bank, and they are burdened with targets to get credit card customers. The more customers they recruit, the greater their commissions. Then they will fight to guard the application until it is approved.

But be careful when using this trick. The Republic of Indonesia Police have appealed not to give an identity when applying for a credit card at the mall. Because, that data can be misused. Make sure the officer is really a Lite Lending employee. Ask him to show the employee card and photo as proof.

A safer trick in terms of third party services is to use a financial services comparison site in collaboration with banks, including Lite Lending. These sites provide detailed information about the requirements for the best credit card application to tips for application approval.

3 Ways to Activate a Bank-Blocked Credit Card

Is there a way to activate credit cards that are blocked by banks? Because of forgotten activation, Tiwi’s new credit card is automatically blocked by the bank. The reason is, banks have provisions related to the activation period for new credit cards. Usually, it starts from 3-6 months. If the activation period is past, the credit card will immediately be deactivated by the bank.

Blocking is certainly done by banks for security reasons, which can also protect you as a customer. But, what if you need to use a credit card, while the credit card status is inactive or blocked?


How to activate a blocked or inactive credit card

How to activate a blocked or inactive credit card

Previously, please note that there are two types of credit card blocking, namely permanent and temporary blocking.

Blocking a permanent credit card is usually caused by a customer’s request or bank policy when the customer is in arrears for more than three months. Meanwhile, temporary blocking often occurs when customers enter credit card pins incorrectly.

In a permanent block, physical credit cards can no longer be used. That is, customers cannot use the same physical credit card again.

Unlike the temporary block which can still be activated within 1×24 hours. But, if the customer does not activate more than 1×24 hours, the credit card will be permanently blocked.

Even so, there are still ways to activate a blocked credit card without the need to apply for a new credit card. Check out the following stages:


1. Contact the call center of the credit card issuing bank

As mentioned above, you can still activate a credit card that is temporarily blocked. To do this, contact the relevant bank call center within 1×24 hours. This is a list of bank call centers in Indonesia that you can contact anytime, anywhere.

Create a permanent credit card blocking, you can contact the call center of the credit card issuing bank. The goal is to ask for a new credit card replacement. Later, the bank will ask for personal information, such as KTP number, date of birth, and so on.

Especially for Good Lenders credit card holders, you do not need to contact the call center. Because, the bank will automatically send credit card replacements to the same address in accordance with the data on your credit card. Except, if you do not receive a replacement card for more than 30 days.


2. Wait for a replacement credit card to arrive

call center of the credit card issuing bank

If you have already contacted the call center of your credit card issuing bank, then just wait for a replacement credit card to arrive.

For information, credit card replacement is not free of charge. The amount starts from USD 30-100 thousand, depending on the type of credit card you have. This fee will be directly charged to the credit card bill.


3. Activation of a new credit card

Once a new credit card is in hand, immediately activate. Fortunately, banks now have many platforms for the activation process, so customers can choose the most desired service.

Eits, but wait a minute. If the credit card has been closed by the bank, you cannot apply how to activate the blocked card as above.

For example, your Good Lenders credit card is not activated until two months before the card’s expiration date, so that the credit card is automatically closed.

The only solution is to apply for a new credit card. But, no need to worry, filing a new credit card is not as complicated as it seems. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to reconsider the most suitable credit card for you.


How to apply for a new credit card

credit card

Submitting new credit cards can be done offline or online. The following are the steps for both types of credit card applications.

1. Submitting an offline credit card

If you are more comfortable interacting with customer service directly, then you can come directly to the nearest branch office.

Prepare the necessary requirements, such as the document below:

  • Photocopy of KTP
  • Payslips or other proof of income
  • Photocopy of NPWP
  • Photocopy of bank book last three months
  • Credit card bill in the last three months (if you already have another credit card)

At the bank’s branch office, you will be asked to complete a credit card application form. After that, submit the completed forms and other supporting documents.

If it’s finished, you just have to wait for confirmation of credit card applications from the relevant bank. Some banks will immediately send credit cards to the registered home address without providing prior confirmation. The process takes approximately 7-14 working days. So just wait for it.


2. Apply for an online credit card

online credit card

If you prefer a practical way, without taking special time to come to the bank, you can apply for a credit card online. The trick, just go to the desired bank site and then use the online credit card application facility that is available.

Another way to apply for online credit cards that are no less practical is through financial product supermarket sites, such as Good Lend Credit. Through Good Lend Credit, you can also compare credit cards from various banks. So, can find the most ideal credit card for you.